Who is Bethany Zelent?

With over 10 years of depth psychotherapy experience, I blend evidence-based methods with intuitive inquiry, guiding clients to transform with compassion and activate their potential. Informed by a Masters in Counseling Psychology, I've crafted the Spiral Self Method to help clients dispel shame, embody change, and live authentically.

With the blog, courses, counselling and community, my focus is on reconnecting you to your true self, fostering self-trust and authenticity.

About Becoming Yourself

"Becoming Yourself" is a transformative blog dedicated to identity development and living authentically. Explore insightful articles and resources aimed at guiding you on your journey toward embracing your true self. From self-discovery to cultivating authenticity, discover practical tips and inspiring stories to support your path to becoming the most authentic version of yourself.

I’m so excited for you to join as we navigate the complexities of identity and celebrate the power of living authentically.

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