Who is Emma Ocean?

I am an intuitive therapeutic coach bridging the science & spirituality of psychology. The focus of my work is to connect you back to yourself by building self-trust with your body. My intention is to work myself out of a job, for you to embody authenticity and be present in a life you love.

About the Flow

The Flow is my sanctuary from social media, a haven for my creativity. Here I can more consensually and intentionally explore my passions of embodiment, authenticity, healing attachment, spirituality & the art of being alive. Every other week will be a peek into the stories that have shaped me, alongside tangible practices of healing.

I am so excited to build this community with you.

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Therapeutic Coach bridging the feelings into the practical to dispel myths of healing for you to embody the life you want Visit www.somaticresourcing.com/pages/offerings 👩🏻‍💻 for all the ways to work with me